Physics Hour, Sept 12

MONDAY, Sept 12, 4:30 PM, SCIENCE 205

Bradley Goff (Summer Student Research Series)

Neutrinos and the MicroBoone detector

There are trillions of neutrinos coming from sun and passing through the entire Earth every second, but even with so many of them we still don’t know everything about them.  Although they rarely interact with matter, we have ways of detecting them with the MicroBoone detector, and we are continuously improving how we detect them.  Even now, while the MicroBoone detector is taking data, there are people adding addition hardware and software to it.

One thought on “Physics Hour, Sept 12”

  1. Amazing, I did not know their are trillions of neutrinos passing through the earth every second. It’s also amazing as technology advances how we will learn more and more about these neutrinos and how they interact with our planet. 🙂

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